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ISSUES on version mobile


  • FONVERNE started the conversation

    I have a problem to see the page https://www.animaplus.fr/mon-compte with my mobile on SAFARI and GOOGLE CHROME 

    The page is jump on a screen where button of connexion is delete ( IMG 1376).

    And I can't find where is the " Username and email address" in dashboard of Wordpress to operate the translation. 

    Also same with "Subscribe to our newsletter " when you decide to entry inside like an account member. 

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    Bryan replied


    I still can see the site is displaying well on mobile screen: https://prnt.sc/qkmiu4

    Also you can use Loco translate plugin to translate theme/plugin text:

    How to translate the theme


  • FONVERNE replied

    First , 

    Could you give me, please,  an answer completely about this bug : 

    - Are you using Safari  or google Chrome ? 

     - Why on mobile of you it is working, and on my mobile iPhone it is not working. ( I delete cache before  ) 


    About Translation: 

    -    I am using already LocoTranslate. Thanks , I am ensure to have check all sentence in English. 

    -    I cannot reach the sentence on the my-account page:
    inside the form there are the following sentences which cannot be translated - all the rest of the site is translated via Loco translate:
    ------        Username and email adress and the phrase to check
    ------       Subscribe our newsletter

    -  You can see these two sentences on the page https://www.animaplus.fr/mon-compte

    Thanks , 



  • FONVERNE replied

    If this bug is happening on my mobile it possible to happening to my customer . 

    So thanks to give me an answer precisely from this bug. Even it is working in your mobile. 

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    Bryan replied


    I am not sure which mobile device you use. I using both chrome and safari to check and it still display well. It is so strange.

    If you can find the strings in .po file of woocommerce plugin to transalte, you can edit it directly in this file: