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Heli Template Crashed Site


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    Marty Cota started the conversation


    I do not wish for you to fix the site...simply refund my money. Problem #1) Prior to loading plugins, there was a warning my php version was wrong/insecure (the server was running v 7.2...hardly insure)  I install plugins one at a time to be sure of proper install, smaller one's first. Problem #2) woocommerce error regarding php version (attached you can see the version) Problem #3) Themesmove core error 403 and site crashed....so three strikes and your out...I can not waste days for a solution, so please re-imburse the $59.00 and we're good...the theme looked good but simply did do what was advertised.

    Thank you 


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    Bryan replied


    Would you mind providing us with Wordpress login credentials so we can take a closer look?