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Revolution Slider


  • wild started the conversation


    Everything seems to be working fine now, but i'm missing the demo content for rev slider please see attached ( i'm not talking about the images, i'm talking about the files, the architectural files for the sliders ) Could you please send me theses ? Thanks :)

    Attached files:  revslide2.PNG

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    Bryan replied


    You can get the demo sliders in my attached for manual import.


    Attached files:  dione.zip

  • wild replied

    Hello, how are you !

    I'm replying here as I can't open a new ticket ... I've no idea why.
    Here's my concern : 

    I've updated wordpress and woo commerce, and now variation images are not changing on product page. 

    Could you help me ?? When I use the defaut wordpress theme : images are working. 
    Let me know ! 

    Thanks ! 

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    Bryan replied

    Can you description more details of the variation images issue so i can check it for you?