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Bugs with Theme


  • tbasra started the conversation

    Looking overall at the theme your import options are very limited.  But on your website theme demo looks perfect. Why?  How come you don't provide the full demo to import options.  Second Core functions for ThemeMove theme plugins doesn't work there is no option for Register the Product for future update.  Some plugins API Don't work.  Overall rating for this theme is 2 out of 10.  I have to explain my CLIENT how come his website is not up and running.  Taking me more time to just figure out the theme. Don't mind for CUSTOMIZE theme options are good where you can change everything out.  BUT NOT FOR SERVICE, CLIENTS,TEAM, etc.   I have already provided the Login info on my other PRIVATE TICKET. But it's taking time for you guys to figure out.  IF YOU ARE DEFINING ON YOUR WEBSITE THE DEMO. IT'S NO GOOD FOR WHOM EVER IS BUYING YOUR PRODUCT.  BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PROVIDING ALL THE TEMPLATES AND THE DEMO DATA.

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    Linh replied


    I can help you import demo data but all your exist data will be reset included admin account. You can access to change admin account after imported demo data. 

    Please confirm so i can do it.


  • tbasra replied

    yes go for it

    just create a password for me

  • tbasra replied

    what about register the theme?  where to?

  • tbasra replied

    will I get same copy as your demo on your Website shows?

  •   Linh replied privately