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  • Sheldon started the conversation

    Hey, I installed the theme. Imported the demo content. Set Minimal as my homepage. Nothing looked good. 

    But my main issue is how do I add that cool circle BG to the top of the page. 

    Is it in revolution slider? It's just supposed to be one image. 

    How do I solve this. I figured out how to add the antler photo after it. But the top doesn't work. And the logo in the top right doesn't appear. usually when I install demo content it works. But this time it's not. 

    Any help is great thanks! 


    I figured out the Revolution slider. Added my own text and BG. 

    But my slider is blurry compared to yours. Why is that?


    UPDATE - my site is crisp on other browsers but blurry on safari. 

    It looks like no photos uploaded when installing the demo content breaking all the content in my site - anyway to fix this? 

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    Bryan replied


    That circle image come with Slider. You can find it here: https://prnt.sc/r155vm

    Also following the copyright of image author, we does not have permission to give the image to other website or data. It can only use in demo site of theme. So we changed it to default image. 

    Please check the settings and upload your image to use.

    Thank for your understanding.

    Best regards.