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Moving to child theme on Tractor


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    A new customer has contacted with me to solve several issues with his Wordpress site. On first checking I showed that he's working with Tractor theme without child theme. 

    Do you have articles about moving from main theme to child theme without lossing any information on the site? It's first time that I works with Them Move themes.

    I was searching on your articles but I couldn't find a guide or step by step to do it. Maybe it's just to follow standard Wordpress procedure to create a child theme but just in case I would like to get your experience or your point of view.

    Thank youn in advance,

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    ThemeMove replied


    Don't worry, using a child theme won't lose any customization in the parent theme.
    You can download the child theme we attached below, then install and activate it.

    Attached files:  tractor-child.zip

    Best Regards,

    Thememove Team.

  • abelbartolome replied


    I've activated child theme on this Tractor project and layout change completely. Just uploaded it and activated. I've checked child them style.css and functions.php and everything is like Wordpress recomends. But after activating child theme header is different, default tractor logo is showed, different footer as weell as colors (primary/secondary).

    Could you give me some clue about what to look at or what to do or what to check? Maybe permit folders, maybe export and import parameters. 

    I haven't developed this site but I was checking any personalization or any other files/folders and it looks everything has been set up as a default. 

    Site is activated as a multisite in .hataccess but I think nothing in connection. Child theme should only load it's emptyl .css file and enque function, anything else but...

    Note: right now wordpress environment as well as server environment parameters are fine and according to your requirements for this theme, Tractor.

    Attached files:  CapturaTOLSA con child theme.PNG
      CapturaTOLSA with parent theme.PNG

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    Bryan replied


    WHen moving to child theme, you should go to Customize section to set up theme style again as the parent theme style.