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Date Published showing for Page on Search result


  • rohitsalunke started the conversation


    On 'Digital Marketing Course in Aurangabad' my web page had been on rank 1 since 3 years. Since I have changed to Maxcoach theme. It got dropped on 4th or 5th.

    One of the reason might be the page created on this theme is showing published date beside <h1> tag and google considering it a blog.

    If might be wrong in this, but if you could help me to either remove this or resolve this issue so I can get my position back on google.

    Expecting immediate response.



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  • rohitsalunke replied

    help me to removeĀ <span class="published">December 10, 2019</span> from all pages and its meta.

    It should not appear on google with date

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    Bryan replied


    Unluckily, That meta is not possible to hide from the google search result.


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    Boris replied

    You can do it manually.

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    Bryan replied

    Thank you, @Boris.

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    diegotfcastro28 replied

    How did you solve this Boris item?

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    Bryan replied

    Hi @diegotfcastro28,

    if you have any question, please create new ticket so we can help you check it.