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  Public Ticket #2391781
Header button


  • Acariat started the conversation


    I've been trying to edit the header button (or make it disappear) but can't find the settings.

    Please could you tell me where it is located ?


  • Acariat replied

    It is under Customize>Header>Header Style 03

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    Bryan replied


    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • catecorp replied

    The option is Custom > Header > Button Header (you need select your current menu nav)

    but when i put the text the button dont apper...

    Bryan could you support me? thanks!

    Attached files:  button is not here.JPG

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    Bryan replied

    Hi @catecorp,

    Are you sure that you are editing in the right header style that your site is using?

    Please create your own ticket so i will help you check it closer.


  • catecorp replied

    It has already been solved, it only takes about 8 min to load. Thank you.

    What if I have problems with the forms. open a ticket: 2480598
    Thanks for your quick response

  •  1,621
    Bryan replied

    Thank you.